 Seek Counsel/Law Office appointment with required time. If possible say brief narration of the issue/problem. Maintain time punctuality. If not possible for any unavoidable situation inform the Law Office earlier to the appointed time.
 Take all available documents with you. Come prepared with full material and facts on the issue/problem on which you are required to take advice. Then, we can be expect proper and good advice. You can avoid further coming and spending of your money and time.
 Trust us or our counsel. Say only real facts, we will not disclose them to anybody or use against your interest. Seek possible reliefs and get clarification if any, on the issue/problem at your hand.
 Demand us to say what can be the other alternative relief or reliefs you can avail on the issue/problem at your hand.
 Understand our version and take informed decision. We may be qualified in law but you are the master of your case or your future. At the end of the day we and our Law Office are only extending our professional help to you.

Please attend your case on each appointed date before the courts or authorities, or else follow our instructions. As long as you believe us or Our Law Office you can take our guidance and issue instructions. Or otherwise you can simply take the matter from us.

Do not’s:

o If you are not victim or actual effected/required person or not authorized by the victim or effected/required person, do not go to the advocate to engage his services.
o Get actual person along with you, or get his authorization for meeting the counsel on his behalf, if you are so interested. Do not state any untruth or imagined, un-real facts, it may cause you heavy loss, sometimes you may lose your case, it may be incurable and irreparable in later point of time.
o Do not argue with your advocate. He is your friend, professional guide and pleader on your behalf. You can discuss or seek professional clarification on the issue but not anymore extra from him.
o Do not ask him any guarantee of winning. Advocate is an advocate. He is not judge. He will present the best part of your matter to achieve the desired goal. Winning of the case depends on number factors. One such important factor may be his capability and efficiency.
o Do not take any other unreliable person with you while meeting your Advocate unless it is necessary. He or they may turn hostile to you in later point of time. In that case, it may cause heavy loss damage to you.
o Do not discuss your case merits or demerits with any person other than your advocate. It may cause leak and thereby your case may be weakened or damaged. If you want you can seek second opinion from any other confident advocate and you can disclose and discuss his related opinion with present engaged one.